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What is a Guardian of the Sea?

The oceans cover 71% of the Earth’s surface. What do the oceans do for us?
•They provide 80% of the oxygen that we breathe and they are the main source of protein in the diet of for 1 in 4 people worldwide;
•They regulate air temperature; adsorbs 80% of climate change heat and 50 times more carbon than the atmosphere;
•The oceans give us medicines; they provide economic opportunities from fishing, transport, minerals and recreation (to name a few); and they recycle nutrients that we need to live;
•The oceans supports habitats (like mangroves, wetlands, coral reef) that protect us from natural disasters and they are home of the greatest diversity of life on Earth.

But what do we do for the oceans?

•We pollute them;
•We use them to deposit trash;
•We kill or extract their inhabitants without any sense of limit. We are devastating the natural ecological regulation of the oceans.

The sea is the heritage of our history and our culture. Waves, tides, moonlight and sunset have the power to touch our hearts and souls like anything else.
So, to answer the question “what is a guardian of the sea?”
A person. You! All of you, all of us! Because the sea is in our blood, is in our lives and is our life. If the oceans die, we die. All of us, with knowledge and awareness must preserve the oceans and the seas worldwide, with our everyday actions, spreading this message to our friends, to our family and to our community.



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